Course for Children and Teens

Anapana courses for children are for children and teens between the ages of 8 and 17.  Those interested in taking part in the course should read the Behavior Code and the Schedule very carefully and fill out the forms for medical emergencies and Registration.

Parents must fill out the authorization form and send it back.  After we receive the completed forms, the students accepted with receive a welcome letter to take part in the course.

During a course for young people, you will learn how to practice Anapana Meditation – awareness of the breath – together with the five “promises” or precepts.  These courses have been planned especially for children and teenagers. You will have the opportunity to practice Anapana Meditation with guidance instructions, in the Dhamma Hall, for periods of up to 30 minutes.

In between these sessions there will be instructions, short talks, story telling and recess for games and play during the day.

These are some testimonials from children and teens who completes meditation courses, simitar to those held in other Vipassana centers around the world.

− “I learned that I like to meditate because it makes me feel relaxed.” 

− “I like this course because I like games and playing with clay.  I also enjoy dyng T-shirts. I also like this course because it feels as if I am at home and the food is so good.”

− “ At school, if I need to concentrate on what the teacher is doing or saying, I can use Anapana, and if I am upset and angry I can use Anapana.”

− “I think meditation is very important in this busy world, because it helps us stay stable in our mind and also helps us do our work with correct understanding.”

Adults who have completed a ten day course may register to serve courses for children and teens.  Help is needed in the kitchen as well as with the main activities for the young people.

Children’s Courses require prior registration.  In order to register parents should send an e-mail to

Send the completed forms to

— Please keep a copy with you in case you would like to use it again in the future.  After we receive the completed forms we will analyze them and get in touch with you.

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