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Dhamma Santi does landscaping actionsBack to top

Dhamma Santi celebrates the new gardening project held in October 2018 with servers supporting a professional hired to create stone path leading to the female cafeteria. There was also intervention on the lawn slope and planting of ornamental seedlings in the beds near the dining rooms.


Dhamma Santi celebrates his 15 years in 2018Back to top

The first in Brazil and the oldest Vipassana Center in Latin America, Dhamma Santi celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2018.

In this brief journey, there is much to celebrate, thanks to the generosity and commitment of the ancient students benefited by this wonderful technique, transmitted by Goenkaji in the tradition of his master Sayagyi U Ba Khin.

In the current cycle, the Dhamma Santi meditation center remains committed to developing its mission to spread the Dhamma and, for this, now has a well-designed structure for greater student and server comfort with new facilities such as greater numbers of individual meditation cells and male and female suites, that is, better conditions also for long courses of 20 and 30 days. And, hopefully, soon for 45 day courses.


Dhamma BhassaraBack to top

The Vipassana Bahia Association is happy to announce the international web address of Dhamma Bhassara, the future center of Vipassana Meditation to be built in Bahia. For the time being, the site is available in English at the following address:

A land of 23.6 hectares was acquired in the district of Taboquinhas, southeast of Bahia, to house the first Vipassana Meditation Center in northeast Brazil. But our main goal, at this point, is to complete this purchase. We invite you to join us in the campaign for Dhamma Bhassara, which in Pali means Dhamma's Glittering, by visiting our newly created website.

Vipassana course in prison in BrazilBack to top

After more than 3 years of moving in Minas Gerais to carry out the project, the first Vipassana Meditation course in prisons of the country took place from April 18 to 28 at the GPA private prison complex - Gestores Prisionais Associados S / A - a public partnership -private with the state of Minas Gerais.

Located in Ribeirão das Neves, in the metropolitan area of ​​Belo Horizonte, the place can only host a Vipassana course because the current president of the institution completed its first course in 2017, thus becoming an old student of this tradition.