Other Brasilian Centers

Other Brasilian Centers

The number of Vipassana centers in Brazil is growing



From a generous donation, the Vipassana Association of São Paulo acquired on March 19, 2015 a beautiful land for the implementation of the Vipassana Dhamma Saraṇa Meditation Center, which means "The Dhamma Refuge." The Center was inaugurated in March 2016, with the first 10-day course for old students.



The Vipassana Association of Bahia recently acquired in the South region of the State, near the city of Ilhéus, an area with 26.304 hectares (nearly 65 acres) for the construction of a Center in the State of Bahia. The future Centre already has a name, "Dhamma Bhassara", which means "Shine of the Dhamma" in pali. Its construction will make it possible to meet the growing demand of people interested in Dhamma. It is important to highlight here, that all the courses carried out up to the present moment in the Northeastern Region of the country were completely full and waiting lists.


DHAMMA UYYANA - Planalto Central

The Vipassana Uyyana center means "The Garden of Dhamma" is located in the Sierra de los Pirineos, near the city of Pirenópolis, located in the community of Goiás. Thanks to the generous collaboration of ancient students of the region, the works of Dhamma Uyyana, future center of meditation Vipassana in the Central Planalto, continue. At the moment the reform of the house already built is being finalized where there is a large meditation room.


Vipassana Central Planalto

Telephones: (00) 55 62 (- 99224 7618), (84 - 99133 1280), (61 - 9985 3596)

email: info@planalto-central.br.dhamma.org